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gesendet am Samstag 11 März 2017 - 18:58:24

Tagcloud 1.01
Every modern web 2.0 site needs to have tags! And now your e107 site can have them too! The tagcloud plugin allows manual and automatic generation of tags from all key e107 content areas.

This is a useful way of grouping together similar content for your users and also has big SEO advantages in helping Google spider all areas of your site. The plugin is fully configurable allowing control of everything from the tag size and colours through to class controlled tag editing.

Automatic keyword generation is managed through the Yahoo keyword context API. This uses Yahoo's search technology to generate relevant keywords from your content.

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Autor: jezza101 | Datum hinzugefügt: Donnerstag 06 August 2009 - 03:30:35

ContactUs v0.2.2
Heruntergeladen und dann installiert:

Plugin erfolgreich installiert.
Die Tabelle(n) für dieses Plugin konnten nicht generiert werden.
Voreinstellungen erfolgreich generiert.

Installation Successful.. aber unter dem PluginManager (unter den Menuepunkten für News etc) ist nur der Punkt News Ticker zu sehen.
leider kein Link Contactus. Hat das was mit dem Theme oder so zun tun?
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geschrieben von ghoppe on Mittwoch 27 April 2005 - 14:04:02

dTree Menu v1.4
Ein Super Tree Menü mit dem man soviele Untermenüs machen kann wie man will im Explorer-stil.
Man kann auch eigene Icons definieren mit Verbindungslinien usw.
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Autor: Izydor (schlrech) | Datum hinzugefügt: Freitag 18 August 2006 - 23:21:55

eCards 2.01
In der class.phpmailer.php brauchst du nichts ändern.
versendet wird php. in den Einstellungen Mail im Adminbereich.

Versuche mal ein poem(Gedicht) neu anzulegen.

Ein text beim versenden muss eigegeben werden.
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geschrieben von Intermedia-2000 on Donnerstag 17 August 2006 - 11:43:52

The e107 Helper Project v0.8b
Helper Projekt was für die mesiten Plugins von Bugrain gebraucht wird.
Hat eigene Klassen und erweitert auch Klassen vom Original (Keine Veränderung an Originaldateien) kann für eigene Plugin's genutzt werden.
Achtung Beta-Version
Deutsche Übersetzung Scherch

The e107 Plugin Project is a collection of PHP include files and JavaScript aimed at making plugin writing easier.
The e107 Plugin Project takes the Yourplugin idea a step further and provides the plugin writer with ready written routines that can be called to add new, standard functionality to the plugin. An example of this is adding comments to a plugin, normally this would take around 70 lines of code and is pretty much the same for any plugin apart from a few key values. With the e107 Helper Project comments can be added to a plugin with one line of code - just call the approriate routine, passing in three parameters and your done.

In additon, there are various ad hoc helper methods available. Some are aimed at ensuring that a plugin can run correctly whether a site is running e107 v0.617 or v0.7. In e107 v0.7 some function and method names were changed and some internals have been updated which cause existing plugins to fail under this version. The helper methods used here will determine the version of e107 and call the correct e107 function on behalf of the plugin. Others simply provide a more convenient interface to e107 functionality such as text parsing.


Instal lation is the same as any standard e107 plugin - unzip, upload, install.

Also note, main reason for this release is for support for the Contact Form plugin v1.6 (to support custom fields).

It should be backward compatible with all of my plugins that use it. That said, there's no point in downloading it unless you are downloading the Contact Form v1.6 plugin.

Plugin programmers using this plugin may contact me before using but everything should be backward compatible.

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Autor: bugrain (schlrech) | Datum hinzugefügt: Montag 04 September 2006 - 20:46:18

eCards 2.01
man braucht nichts im code ändern.

nur im pluginmanager - ecards

ich habe soeben das plugin auf www.doeberitz.de installiert und es geht.
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geschrieben von Intermedia-2000 on Donnerstag 17 August 2006 - 17:20:03

Gästebuch 3.4

Neu mit Bild-Code ??

wenn $GBOOKSTYLE im e107 theme.php definiert ist, dann nimmt das Gästebuch dieses Layout
Wenn nicht dann nimmt es das Standard Layout was im guestbook_class.php definiert ist

Verfügbare Optionen sind:

{GUEST_NAME} = Posters name
{GUEST_COMMENT} = Posters comment
{DATE} = Date and Time when entry was made
{URL_IMG} = Link to posters website as an image
{URL_TEXT} = Link to posters website as text
{EMAIL_IMG} = Link to posters email address as an image
{EMAIL_TEXT} = Link to posters email address as text
{PROFILE_IMG} = Link to a registered posters profile as an image
{PROFILE_TEXT} = Link to a registered posters profile as text
{EDIT_IMG} = Link for editing guestbook entries as an image
{EDIT_TEXT} = Link for editing guestbook entries as text
{DELETE_IMG} = Link for deleting guestbook entries as an image
{DELETE_TEXT} = Link for deleting guestbook entries as text
{IP_ADMIN} = Posters IP address viewable by admins only
{IP_PUBLIC} = Posters IP address viewable by everyone

original: Andrew Rockwell 2003

updates: Richard Perry 2005

updates: Chris Engelhard en Jan Feyen
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Autor: Chavo & Rich | Datum hinzugefügt: Samstag 27 Mai 2006 - 17:31:38

Wrap v0.9.1
Wrapper um andere Webseiten als Iframe einzubinden

The wrap plugin allows you to 'wrap' files (or entire websites) inside of e107.

------------------------- -
Refresh the plugin files as you normally would. Then, run a validity check on the wrap table through e107's database tools. This should detect the missing tables and allow you to fix them.

----------------- ------------------------------ --------
6/25/2006 ( v0.9.1 ) jmstacey
+ Corrected incorrect text on Admin level
+ Give URL to iframe blindly
+ Enabled e107 database validity check
+ Added passing data example to Help
+ Removed non English languages since they were out of date

See the README.txt file for more information
downloads   e107 Plugins   e107   Wrap Plugin   Download   CMS   Wrap   Plugin   
Autor: jmstacey (schlrech) | Datum hinzugefügt: Mittwoch 12 Juli 2006 - 11:43:55

Online Info Menü 7.08
Ein umfangreiches Online Informations Menü können verschiedene Einträge ein oder ausgeblendet werden.
inkl. Counter, Geburtstage, Login, Statistiken usw.

!!! Achtung bitte im Konfig jede Seite einmal sichern, ansonsten funktioniert das Plugin nicht !!!

Note:- Russian, Spanish & French Translations are incomplete as they are missing the extras to the Plugin.

Please make sure that you go into the Config once installed and save every page. Also check the Check List to see it you need to setup other info or plugins

Fixed - logout Issue
Fixed - Forum Links on What's New Page now take you to the post when theres more that one page
Fixed - Coppermine image and comments link fixed
Fixed - FAQ comments now fixed on What's New
Added - Top Rated Members added
Added - You can now select to use the Built in Whats New Page or the List Plugin.
Added - Admin Section now has some Intelligence - Has a check list built in for items needed. It will not allow you to use sections that are missing other data or plugins.
Added - Friends list added (request & Original code from schlrech)
Added - Site Links now added to what's new
Changed - Admin Order pages now will not let you have the same section twice.
Changed - Coppermine comments integrated into standard comments on what's new and latest changes
Changed - Configure admin now split into menus.
Changed - Registered user Count now can be set to be seen by other userclass to the Latest Changes
Changed - if Currently online toolbar turned off, the user name now links to their profile
Changed - What's new page now shows the emotes
Changed - What's New page now can show as many records per section as you want via Admin section
Online Info Menü   e107 Plugins   Download   Plugins   e107   Online Info   downloads   
Autor: TheMadMonk, (schlrech) | Datum hinzugefügt: Sonntag 15 Oktober 2006 - 13:40:20

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