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e107 Mobile v2.3
e107mobile is a combined plugin and theme which will completely optimize your website so it's viewable on mobile web devices. This also allows you to customise the theme to match your website.


Automatically checks for many mobile devices
Different themes for PC, mobile phone and iPhone users
No need for separate URL's or sub-domains
'View full site' option
Users can LOGIN, view as a guest or even REGISTER!
Normal user permissions/groups apply
Fast page loading on phones, minimum output
Use any theme.. not just ours!
Show one, two or no side menu's

Features for v2.3
Slick Code Fixes/Updates
Revised detection method
iPhone footerlink bug fix
Mobile Google Adsense Support
Header default edit for cleared mobile rendering
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Autor: Martinj | Datum hinzugefügt: Sonntag 20 Februar 2011 - 05:08:13


Bildüberschrift: Havelland Hausboote
Anmerkung: Havelland Hausboote Bootsvermietung
Katalog/Bereich: Tourismus

Havelland Hausboote

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